Tuesday, 30 August 2011



Welcome to my blog. It's a place to post stories about mother/daughter discipline.

My name is Patricia and I was spanked by my mother when growing up. My two daughers, now grown up, were also raised with spankings so I'm a firm believer in maternal corporal punishment. I encourage both RL accounts and fiction to be submitted here.

Here's an example of one of my fictional accounts.


As Kelly opened the front door she knew what she had to do. She reached into her schoolbag and found the letter then went looking for her mummy.

Jane was at the kitchen table reading her newspaper, as he looked up she saw Kelly holding out an envelope.

'I have to give you this,' she said.

She tore it open and scanned the page.

'Dear Madame,

I regret to inform you that Kelly has plagarised her history coursework. She had admitted copying whole sections of another girl's work.

She will be required to resubmit the coursework which will be marked out of fifty. I am also imposing a one day suspension which we will need to arrange for a mutually convenient time.'

Jane carefully folded the letter and looked her daughter in the eye. They both knew what was coming next.

'Kelly I went you to go up to your room. I will be up to see you shortly.'

She turned and left, her legs shook slightly and there were butterflies in her tummy.

Jane was a firm believer in old fashioned paternal discipline. When her girls broke the rules they knew to expect bare bottomed corporal punishment. And that meant plenty more than a few slaps on the bum. She gave what she described as 'meaningful' punishments - which equated to spankings which could be seen and felt days after they were delivered.

To achieve this she had a locked cupboard full of the implements of discipline - paddles, straps and canes, each of which left their own distinctive mark on the receipients bottom and thighs.

As she unlocked the cupboard her eyes fixed on the genuine Lochgelly tawse - a heavy double-layered split tailed leather strap. In it's long life the tawse had been used on the hands of dozens, perhaps hundreds, of deserving penitents. But since Jane had acquired it the tawse had never been used on a palm instead it had only been swung high in the air and brought down on naughty girls bottoms. As it would be tonight.

Upstairs Kelly was perched on the edge of her bed. She had removed her school blazer and her shoes. She knew that in a short time her skirt and knickers would also be taken off.

As Jane climbed the stairs she ran the tawse through her hand, appreciating the weight and knowing that her daughter had earned the severe session she was about to give her.

As the door opened Kelly caught a glance of the tawse. Her only consolation was the thought that at least she would not be caned tonight.

'Kelly , I hardly need to say what a serious matter this is. Now remove your skirt and knickers.'

'Yes mummy,' she replied.

With slightly shaking hands she unclipped her grey pleated skirt, folded it and placed it on a chair before slipping her white knickers down to her ankles and stepping out of them.

She knew what was expected of her. She linked her fingers together and placed her hands on her head. Her blouse rode up exposing her. With a clear voice she said: 'It was wrong of me to cheat. Will you please give me the punishment I deserve?'

'Very well,' said Jane as she sat on the bed , guiding her over her lap until her chubby bare bottom was positioned in it's ideal spanking position.

Although this was just the 'warm-up' the spanks were delivered powerfully from the outset. Jane raised her hand high and flicked his wrist at the point of impact, methodically spanking one cheek then the other. A pink handprint on each cheek soon became a deepening redness that spread right across the girl's bottom.

Then she changed her technique concentrating a series of spanks in one area then another. Kelly began to shift around a little, her breathing become heavier. As Jane began concentrating the spanks on her sensitive thigh tops she cried out: 'Owww mummy, pleease.'

Jane  ignored her as she focused on getting her thighs as red as her bottom, spanking ever further down the backs of her legs.

When she was satisfied with the warmth and colour he moved to the next phase guiding Kelly to her feet.

'It's time for the tawse now,' she told her.

She guided her into position, bent over the edge of the bed, tiptoes on the floor, bum raised with two pillows under her hips. She rolled her blouse up well out of the way.

She picked up the tawse. 'KellyI expect you to stay until your punishment is concluded. And you know there will be consequences if you reach back.'

'Yes, mummy,' she sniffed.

She gripped the shaped handle tightly and then gently laid the tawse on the girl's bottom. Kelly flinched slightly as she felt it's weight.

Jane drew it back slowly then swung it down hard across the width of the girl's bottom with a loud CRACK. She yelped and Jane looked with satisfaction at the rectangular red mark swelling across the bum.

Kelly  felt it as an intense burn followed by spreading soreness. It momentarily took her breath away. But then with a swish-CRACK the burning pain was back.

Jane delivered the strokes methodically, each overlapping the next, Kelly's bottom becoming an ever deeper red. Now her whole bum was a ball of pain. Jane paused and refocused. It was time for her thighs to get the Lochgelly treatment.

She drew the tawse back and delivered the stroke just as hard as she had to Kelly's buttocks. She cried out as the heavy leather bit into her soft thighs.

Twice more her thighs felt it before she heard her mum say: 'Good girl, it's over now.' She helped her to her feet for a hug.

'Change into your pyjamas and come down for dinner when you're ready. And Kelly I should warn you you'll be going back over my knee for the hairbrush at bedtime.'

As Jane walked down the stairs her mind turned to the suspension. That would have to be a special day dedicated to discipline...